Rural enterpreneurship in Tajikistan

Project name 

Community driven  women enterpreneurship in Pamir rural areas, in Tajikistan

Financial support:  
Project duration: August 2015 –  September 2016

Project coordinator: Margit Säre, margitsare @

Project partner:  NGO Guly Giyoh ( 

This project focuses on preservation of Pamir handicraft and art traditions, encouraging women entrepreneurship and improving gender equality. .This is a follow up activity for the project implemented during 2014-15, which focused on community-driven partnership scheme in the field of natural herbal products. 


1. Study visit of Pamir craft entrepreneurs to Estonia. Exhibition and sale of Pamir handicraft in Telliskivi Creative City from 15 to 18 August.

2.   Study visit to Estonian handicraft fair Mardilaat and Pamir handicraft workshops 5-7 November 2015 , Tallinn

3. Trainings on Pamir handicraft product design, marketing; autumn-winter 2015-2016

4.  Promotional activities in Tajikistan (print of Pamir calendar, participation in Pamir festival, short videos on handicraft making)

Purchase of wool processing, knitting machines, tools for trainings

Watch a short video, on local women processing wool, with their new machines

6. Tajik tea evening in Tartu, Estonia, 8 november 2015

7. Marketing and product development discussions, June 2016 in Dushanbe.

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Project phase I 

"Natural products of Pamir and traditional herbal medicine – the way to promote local economy and women enterpreneurship in Tajikistan";  2014 –2015

Project first phase focused at alleviation of poverty, forging a sustainable rural entrepreneurship support model and establishing community-driven partnership scheme in the field of natural herbal products. 


 1. Study visit to Estonia and seminar on community based enterpreneurship / eco tourism - May 2014

2. Trainings on marketing and product development - June-September 2014

3. Consulting and creation of Community Cooperative and purchase of equipment for herbs, natural products  drying / packing.

4. Pamir festival and project steering committe- March2015

Photos on Estonian field trip; May 2014