Running projects


Inspiring for Biodiversity -  This Eramus+ project aims to raise awareness on  biodiversity through more comprehensive pedagogical practices and methods.  

Building capacity to use role-play games in Peipsi Lake border region as new tool for increasing the environmental awareness in education - we improve the tools in environmental education that helps develop gradually more environmentally sustainable society 

MAMYFU: Making my future - Enhancing lives of young people.  MAMYFU promotes young people's skills and and social action, especially within the  remote communites or at risk of becoming economically and culturally excluded.

Lakesperience: Explore the Nordic-Baltic lakes"- Interreg Central Baltic project implemented by Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and Latvian lake regions partners

Military Heritage is Estonia-Latvia Program project, which develops military heritage cross-border tourism routes, objects and joint marketing


  „Fresh-up Economics. Towards Economic Literacy in Europe“ is Erasmus+  project  where six EU partners create economic literacy learning platform.

CuNaHe: Improved network of formal and informal education institutes to support Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe-Pskovskoe region is Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme project

GreenMind - Raising Environmental Awareness in Estonian-Russian Border Areas works to increase public environmental awareness, including energy-efficient lifestyle in Peipsi region, supported by  Estonia-Russia CBC Programme

EPICAHEffectiveness of Policy Instruments for Cross Border Advancement in Heritage; is the Interreg Europe project, implemented in 8 European border regions

Social entrepreneurship and employment of young people with disabilities in Razen, Moldova - implemented in cooperation with NGO Eco-Razen, and funded by Estonian Development Cooperation

Restoration of the La Nihalcea area for the preservation of biodiversity and the strengthening the ecotourism potential  - implemented in cooperation with Purcari Development Fund and co-funded by Estonian Development Cooperation

Promoting women entrepreneurship in Belarus rural areas Estonian Development Cooperation funded the project,

Social entrepreneurship in Kakheti, Georgia - Estonian Development Cooperation funded project, to support social entrepreneurship and organic agriculture in Georgia, in cooperation with TEMI community.

Supporting social integration and women entrepreneurship of ethnic minorities, refugees and IDPs in Pankisi valley -Estonian Development Cooperation funded project,

Living Lakes Network - Peipsi CTC is presenting Lake Peipsi/Lake Võrtsjärv in the Living Lakes Network from the year 2003 as double member of this international network
Borders in Globalisation (funded by Canadian SSHRC) is a global network  study challenges to economic, social and territorial cohesion as well as regional development potentials in different borderlands

PEIPSI FORUM  is regular cross border cooperation event, bringing together experts and stakeholders from the Estonian and Russian border areas