Donations for Peipsi Region

Project: Donations for Peipsi Region

Project is supported by National Foundation of Civil Society

Project budget: 4144,53 €, incl. 3725,53 € from National Foundation of Civil Society

Project Manager: Eeva Kirsipuu,

Project goal is effectively functioning donating system to support positive initiatives and activities of Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation (hereafter Peipsi CTC). Project helps to increase the amount of donations in Peipsi CTC income basis through evolving donation strategy and implementation plan, so as a result project improves to achieve Peipsi CTC’s goals.
Project activities are:
1)    Developing donation strategy as an annex to Peipsi CTC strategy and working out practical activities plan: meetings with partners from Peipsi region, two Peipsi CTC’s internal roundtables for working out at least 2 donation campaigns for supporting Peipsi regions’ initiatives
2)    Organizing a donation campaign and preparing next donation campaign, incl.
-    Improving CTC-s homepage, emphasize donation/fundraising info in Estonian, Russian and English
-    Attracting media (incl. use of social media) for carrying out donation campaign

I Peipsi CTC internal roundtable 28.-29.Aug. 2012, Tartu-Piirissaare