Development of Armenian Environmental education

Project name "Development of Armenian environmental education – for improved  biodiveristy"

Projekti toetab:  

Duration: august 2013 –  september 2014

Project coordinator: Margit Säre,

Project partner:

Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment

Project aims:

 to promote biodiversity, development of non-formal environmental education (incl. methods for outdoor nature learning) in Armenian schools. 

Project activities

1) study trip/ meetings in Estonia, October 2013 

2)Teachers training: how to teach environmental sustainability outdoors; January 2014 3)development of methodological modules for outdoor study program, which will be approved by the Ministry of Education and recommended for use by other teachers in Armenia 

4) AWHHA web page has different environmental education guidelines  

5) The essay-idea contest and implementation of 3 best community-environmental ides