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REMEDY-  The Voice from the Past – Recalling Memories in Diversity


Europe for Citizens

September 2016 – February 2018

Coordinator: Margit Säre, margitsare @ gmail.com

Lead partner: Geraci Siculo ; Italy

REMEDY aims to emphasize the importance of remembering the past, commemorating the totalitarian regime victims and appreciating the present. The diverse EU communities involved share their history of totalitarian regimes and resistance in the fight for their rights.
The project will involve EU citizens of older and younger generation that will enrich each other’s knowledge of past events and eventually lead to reconciliation.

Project meetings
Seminar "Remembrance"; Geraci Siculo, Italy; 3-6 nov. 2016

Seminar "Reflection", Krakow, January  2017
Press release

Seminar "‘Reconciliation";  august 2017 in Tartu
    Tartu national workshop pre-event  in cooperation with Tartu University debate club 08.05.2017 Discussing amnesty policies in post-conflict societies.

Seminar "Reflection"; Bremen, Saksamaa; novmeber 2017

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