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#PlayEurope - EduGames for Active Citizenship


Europe for Citizens

September 2017 – August 2019

Coordinator: Margit Säre, margitsare @ gmail.com

Lead partner: VITECO; Italy

#PlayEurope  aims to raise awareness about the importance of being “active citizens”, both in the local community and at European level, and educate young people to get information about the context in which they live, offering them an entertaining
way to foster a more proactive behaviour towards socio, political and economic issues, often considered as boring and complex.  
The consortium aims at:
- inviting young people to be active citizens, working at the same time on the development of basic and transversal skills and on the enhancement of digital integration in learning and youth work at various levels;
- contacting decision-makers and promote these approaches with the aim to involve more active young people in the society;
- promoting the adoption of alternative methods in schools and universities inviting students to learn new topics through the edutainment approach;
- inviting institutions dealing with young people to enhance digital integration in teaching at various level

Project meetings
- november 2017 in Sicily

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