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Running projects

I Global education

SAME World.
 Sustainability.Awareness.Mobilization.Environment in the Global Education  - is international project with 13 partners, aiming  to raise awareness among EU citizens on development cooperation, EYD 2015 issues and critical understanding of interdependencies in the world

Global education in Lake Peipsi region schools – this Estonian Development Cooperation funded project organizes teachers training  and global education week in Peipsi region schools, develops methodological guidelines on climate change and environmental refugees topic.

European Social Initiative of Support to Minorities through Media Activism "SISUMMA" - Europe for Citizens project, implemented in cooperation with 5 European partners

"REMEDY: Inter-cultural Dimension for European Active Citizenship” - Europe for Citizens project

Development education in Estonian rural schools - funded by ALDA for educational activities and publication on migration issues

ECOLIT is funded by ERASMUS+ programme with aim to designe and implement effective provision of the basic skills and key competences on economic literacy

II Development- and cross-border cooperation

Friendly Cities: Accessible Natural and Cultural Urban Environment for People with Disabilities - is Estonian-Russian cooperation project, lead by our Pskov partner organization- Lake Peipsi Project

Incubator for Myanmar CSOs-  works to improve institutional capacity, fundraising and networking skills among Chin State’s CSOs

Development of social- and women entrepreneurship in Naroch rural communities - is Estonian Development Cooperation funded project, implemented in cooperation with Belarus NGO "Women for restoration of Naroch region".

Borders in Globalisation (funded by Canadian SSHRC) and EUBORDERREGIONS 

(EU FP7 ) study  challenges to economic, social and territorial cohesion as well as regional development potentials in different borderlands.

PEIPSI FORUM is regular cross border cooperation event, bringing together experts and stakeholders from the Estonian and Russian border areas: last conference took place in November 2014 in Tartu and Värska. 

III Environmental education and water management

Development of methods for assessment and mapping of ecosystem services of marine and inland waters - this EEA Grants and Norway Grants works to  to decrease biodiversity loss in riverine habitats and of ecosystems in the European Union. 

Active and outdoor learning methods are used to teach the topics of Lake Peipsi environment, ecosystem services etc.

Living Lakes Network - Peipsi CTC is presenting Lake Peipsi/Lake Võrtsjärv in the Living Lakes Network from the year 2003 when it was accepted as an official double member of the international partnership of Living Lakes.

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