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EPICAH project report "How is being enhanced the border effect in the protection and development of natural and cultural cross-border heritage in Europe"

The report contains  information on the state of art on cultural and natural heritage, and Cross Border Tourism in seven EPICAH project  partner regions.
This report is giving main conclusions and a set of recommandations to the European Commission to be considered in the next Regulations concerning the structural funds programming period of 2021-27.
It includes the results of an on line survey where is underlined the perception of border areas actors on the EU intervention, and a set of recommandations for the future EU Cohesion Policy on Territorial Cooperation (2021-27).
This report also includes around 20 best practices examples, showing cases of success stories in the concerned border areas, and will be followed up by an Action Plan for each border area to be elaborated until end 2019, of paramount importance for the elaboration of future EU programs for these borders.
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