The World Day and World Water Days will be organized in Räpina and Mustvee gymnasiums, during 11-15 March.

The World Day  promotes global eduction, tolerant multiculturalism, development cooperation and expanding one’s motivation for affecting life around us.  Another focus is to on global water issues.

The World Day/World Water Days  program include introduction of Estonian development cooperation, Peipsi CTC development cooperation projects;  lectures on water issues, fair trade cafe, sport and art event are  organised etc. 
For more information contact: Margit Säre margit@ 
International workshop "Green management system development and methods of urban green areas inventory", took place in Pskov, on 7-8 February
Peipsi CTC project assistent Sirje Tamm will attend XI Baltic Sea NGO Forum, in Saint-Petersburg, on April 16-17

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