Peipsi CTC participates in the project S.A.M.E. WORLD – Sustainability.Awareness.Mobilization.Environment in the Global Education for EYD 2015.

The project kick off meeting takes place 11-3 March, in Rome.

This 3 years long EuropeAid/134863/C/ACT/MULTI project is lead by Italian NGO C.I.E.S. Onlus, in cooperation with partners from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary. 

 We work to raise awareness among EU citizens on development cooperation, European Year for Delevopment (EYD) 2015 issues and critical understanding of interdependencies in the world – through online tools and social networks, teacher trainings and educational materials.  Project aims to increase capacity of CSOs for advocacy on development co-operation issues, and for more effective information and communication on ecological subjects at a EU level. 

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation organises 1 international conference in Estonia, participates in preparation of educational kit, blended materials, teachers workshops, outdoor activities on development education.

For more information contact:

Margit Säre, margit @

EUBORDERREGIONS project comes to an end. Final conference will take place February 20-21, 2015; in Istanbul
Pamir festival and final meeting of the project "Natural products of Pamir and traditional herbal medicine – the way to promote local economy and women enterpreneurship in Tajikistan"

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