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Study days for Räpina Gymnasium

Project name: Environtal awareness study days for Räpina Gymnasium in 2015/2016

Donor: Environmental investment centre

Duration: August 2015-June 2016


Project coordinator: Eleri Seer, eleri.seer@ctc.ee, 55555109


Project goal: Project goal is to introduce children ecological balance issues and environment friendly living stile. During study programs children will have new knowldges about Natural environment and about the influence their behaviour has to environment. In study programmes different active learning methods are used for example group work, role play, creating concept cards, having experiments and observations, relfection, environment games etc. Most of the study programmes will be implemented as journeys to the nature.

Below are some photos from different study days.

             3a grade in Meenikunno bog during study programme "Human and bog"

 4a grade by Võhandu river participating in study programme "Studing water biota"

 4a grade participating in the study programme "Studing water biota"

10-12th grade students by Võhandu river participating in study programme "Watercourses"

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