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Social entrepreneurship, Belarus

Projekti nimi:  Development of social- and women entreprenurship in
Naroch rural communities


Duration: september 2016 –  december 2017

Projest manager: Margit Säre, margitsare @gmail.com

Project partner:  Women for restoration of Narach region

The project aims at development of social entrepreneurship and different sectors in Naroch region – formerly known as strong agricultural region. Now the
area is characterized by unemployment, young people leaving, etc.
Our activities contribute to social and women entrepreneurship, diversification of small
businesses, promotion of organic production and preservation regional heritage (incl culinary heritage)- through Estonia's experience.

- Information days and seminars for starting businesses
- Roundtables with different sector of local community  
- Christmas Fair; 17 December in Kamarova

- a study trip to Estonia in August 2017 
- the brochure on local organic food production


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