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NGO support

Project name
Strengthening  administrative and financial capacity of Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation

Project is supported by EEA grants, through Open Estonian Foundation

Project duration: April 2014-January 2015

Project manager: Margit Säre, margit @ ctc.ee

 Project aims to improve leadership, raise financial and management capacities of NGO Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation (Peipsi CTC).  
Peipsi CTC – aiming for the sustainable development in transboundary Lake Peipsi region – will work to  bring new knowledge, skills and people (incl. volunteers) to the organization. 

Project activities include trainings for members, networking with Lake Peipsi region schools, fundraising plans for EU funds; analyses of/ decrease of administrative and IT costs. We also aim to improve our visibility – through improved website, social media and writing articles 

Articles in newsletters (prepared with the expert support from VÜF project)
- Margit Säre article in daily Postimees, on development issues and on our project in Pamir
- 22.11.2015; Margit Säre, Aija Kose article in daily Postimees on ecosystme services ("Kui palju maksab üks järv")

Project seminar and meetings
- VÜF projects training Tallinn; 17.04.2015
- Project opening meeting in Tallinn; 20.04.2015
- Project seminar and meeting with Kasepää municipality specialist; 26.06.2015 Kasepää
- Project fundraising meeting and brainstorming; 17.09, 26.11..2015, Tartu
- Project final meeting, and meeting with Kallaste/Kadrina stakeholders, 14.01.2016

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