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Back to Nature

Project name: Back to Nature - "Elaborating joint tools for environmental education as efficient mean of management of protected areas"

Project funders:


Project period: March 2009 – February 2011

Project manager behalf of Peipsi CTC: Piret Pungas, piret.pungas@ctc.ee

Project partners:
From Estonia - Foundation Tartu Environmental Education Centre (leadpartner), State Nature Conservation Centre Põlva-Valga-Võru Region, Peipsi CTC
From Latvia - Gauja National Park Foundation, Kemeri National Park administration

Overall objective of the project:
The objective is by means of cross-border cooperation and carring out joint activities elaborate joint approaches for management of sensitive nature areas supported by education and awareness building of nature visitors and to develop efficient cross-border cooperation channels for partners, other with nature centers and local schools both sides of border by refreshing study methods as well.

During this project we shall organize different nature educational acts: training events, exhibitions, study trips, camps and compose different study materials about wetlands. We establish tools for improving nature education structures and mechanisms for better management of nature protected and sensitive areas. For promoting responsible lifestyle and interest to nature we organize campaigns, what will promote all our project outcomes.

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