Through the eyes of frogs ...

Project name: Through the eyes of frogs along the River Emajõgi

Project funder:

Project period: January-November 2010

Project manager: Katrin Saart,

Overall objective of the project
With the help of the Environmental Investment Centre and other financiers, the Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation has issued a book introducing the protected areas bordering with the River Emajõgi, “Bird’s-eye view of Emajõgi River” and a similarly titled CD-based study programme for schools. Positive feedback from users has indicated to a need for similar interactive study aids. Thus we commenced with a project in 2008 to make preparations for devising an idea and collecting material for the new study programme “Through the eyes of frogs along the River Emajõgi”.

“Through the eyes of frogs along the River Emajõgi” will be a study programme introducing the wildlife of Emajõgi River and its water meadows, comprising photos, texts, interesting facts and tasks for schoolchildren. The programme will be completed in cooperation with Arne Ader and Urmas Tartes, with the assistance of the specialists of the State Nature Conservation Centre in the Alam-Pedja and Emajõe-Suursoo Mire protected areas.

The planned multimedia programme is going to be a sequence for the “Bird’s-eye view of Emajõgi River”, the structure of which was based on spatial notion (more exciting natural sites on the River Emajõgi), however, the current programme is held together by a time-wise axis where the annual circle is divided into segments according to the easily differentiated phenological phenomena connected with the River Emajõgi.

“Through the eyes of frogs along the River Emajõgi” endeavours to show an essential opportunity to become familiarised with nature of the home area – the skill to notice small things beside the big ones. Therefore, it is only natural that the programme is going to include plenty of macro-shots. We also want to use less ordinary angles in general views – for example, shots of landscape at the level of frog’s eyes.

The programme to be completed is meant to be a complementary study aid in general education schools and nature schools, helping teachers to provide a good overview of the exciting aquatic and river meadow wildlife and instilling interest in students towards the River Emajõgi and nature in general, shaping their attitudes about nature and making them more caring.