Transborder cooperation for biodiversity

Project "Trans-border cooperation for biodiversity and sustainable development of environmentally sensitive/protected areas" 

Project partners:

Lead partner: Local Tourist Organization Wet-land's Gate, Strękowa Góra, Poland


- Peipsi CTC, Estonia

- Ecoproject, Minsk, Belarus

The programme is managed by the Association Eastern European Democratic Centre, Poland.

Financial support:

The project is implemented within Program Partnerstwa Transgranicznego/ Trans-border Partnership Programme with financial support from Norway Grants and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, being managed by the Association Eastern European Democratic Centre, Warsaw, Poland.

                                                      PROGRAM PARTNERSTWA TRANSGRANICZNEGO

This joint Estonian-Polish-Belarusian project aims to pool & share know-how and the respective best practices in the following areas:
•    Biodiversity protection & sustainable development entailing peculiarities of rural tourism development on environmentally sensitive & protected areas, emphasizing on cross birder cooperation (CBC) environmental spots & Natura 2000 Network.
•    Community Driven Development (CDD) & Sustainable Growth: scaling up the local process. Local Engines of Growth.
•    Integrated environment management & its tested governance tools. Observant insights into Water Framework Directive, sewage & waste & pollution & energy efficiency, flood management & Flood Directive local implementation schemes are to be provided. Case studies offering the true local solutions, being embedded in acquis provisions and drawing intensively on current state of art & latest technology advancements are to be identified, investigated & adapted, when necessary.
•    Public participation in environment & development decision making. Turning Arhus Agenda into grass-root public actions. Local & Micro Focus.
•    Strategic & Spatial Planning versus Sustainable Development. Best avenues for co-operation, policy coordination & public consultation & endorsement.

The know-how dissemination seminars & project development workshops & awareness raising activities are held:

1. in Estonia, with the participation of 5 Polish and Byelorussian participants, within CBC Summer School in Varska , in August 2010

2. in Poland, within Project Workshops, 25-28 November 2010, in Strękowa Góra.

The project publication in English can be downloaded HERE. 

The volume investigates agenda setting and evaluates implementation of EU assistance & cooperation tool kits in ENPI EAST/ Eastern Partnership area (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), focusing on cross-border cooperation (CBC) frameworks. The volume is primarily devoted to the sustainable development & environment oriented activities. Rage of newly tested environment cooperation & participative acquis enforcement formulas are examined. Joint, problem oriented, result driven, multilevel & network governance tools in environment management and sustainable development on EU Eastern border-area are being investigated basing on up-to date, field-based, first-hand evidences, convoyed in easy and concise manner. The book combines sound understating of the local backgrounds, needs & constrains, the projects technicalities, its implementation cycles and sustainability with the wider ENPI EAST strategic considerations. 

The folder on sustainable development can be downloaded in ENGLISH and RUSSIAN 

The folder on CBC/cross-border cooperation can downloaded in ENGLISH and RUSSIAN 

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