Summer School 2006

Cross-border cooperation summer school
August 20-26, 2006

Project aim:
The summer school is aiming to promote intersectoral and cross-border cooperation between Euroregions, NGOs, local municipalities and state institutions. The summer school in targeted for the citizens of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova; representing the NGOs and local municipalities.

Project supporters: The State Chancellery of the Republic of Estonia, Open Estonian Foundation, Interreg IIIB program

Project manager: Eilika Mölder, Eilika

Project activities:
Summer school will take place in Värska, South of Estonia in 20 – 26 August 2006.
Participants will get theoretical knowledge about European border policies; development- and cross-border cooperation; also practical information about cooperation possibilities, funding, public participation etc.

Main outcomes of the summer school:

- Participants of the summer school from border regions are trained in order to promote establishment of cross-border networks according to the relevant European policies and practices.

- Summer school will enhance people-to-people contacts across the borders and decrease disinformation and negative prejudices about the cross border neighbours; promote trust and working relations.

- One of the methods in summer school is group works. During these group work meetings at least three new project ideas will be developed for future cooperation. Elaboration of these projects will promote sustainability of created network.

- Awareness of the participants have raised in topics of public participation, spatial planning, fundraising possibilities for CBC activities, management of public relations etc.