Summer School 2005

Summer school on transfrontier cooperation

August 21-26, 2005

Project aim:
The project is aiming to increase intersectoral and cross border partnership between NGOs, local municipalities and research institutes in multicultural border regions between the Baltic states, Russia and Byelorussia; and to promote participants knowledge and skills related on transfrontier cooperation

Project supporter: Project is supported by the  Council of Europe, Confidence Building Measures Programme

Project manager: Iti Aavik
Project assistant: Gerli Hämmal

Project period: April-October 2005

Project activities

1) Web site and e-mail list
Web site gives information on summer school application process, program, presentations etc.
E-mail information list provides regular information on cross border cooperation issues in the European and regional level, different research results, new publication, funding possibilities, search for contacts, information on seminars and other events.
2) Summer School; 21-26 August 2005
One weeklong international summer school will be organized in Värska, South Estonia. The summer school is aiming to increase awareness of NGO practitioners and local authorities on cross border cooperation history, structures, support organizations and programs, best practices and funding opportunities.
All together around 40 people will be selected on competitive basis, from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Byelorussia; from local authorities, NGOs, research institutes.