Project name: Greenman “Tartu, Rezekne, Pskov: Green Management for Urban Development & Planning in EE-LV-RU Border Capitals”


Project is supported by: 


Total budget: 1.948.194,78 EUR
Program co-financing (grant) 1.753.375,30 EUR

Project duration: May 2012 – August 2014


Project Estonian coordinator: Eleri Seer,, Tel: 55555109

Project website:

Partner organisations:
Administration of Pskov City/ Department of Urban Services
Pskov State Pedagogical University
NGO “Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov”
Tartu City Government
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Latvian office of Euroregion “Country of lakes”
Rezekne City Council
Rezekne Local Municipality
Daugavpils University


Project problem and background:

Project addresses sustainable management of green areas (GA) in most populated cities in EE-LV-RU border area: Tartu, Rezekne, Pskov. GA are green landscapes, including natural and artificial ones, inside cities. It’s an integral part of urban districts playing a vital role in preservation of natural environment & providing daily communication between human and nature. During urban growth GA undergo different changes, which often lead to neglect of natural environment and to depletion of greenery. Mainly it comes to bigger cities addressed by project and experiencing more intensive population growth / influx & emergence of new residential areas.
Pskov is characterized by relatively more difficult situation as it is more populated (~ 200 thousand inhabitants), and systematic green management (GM) as a whole does not exist. As a consequence recent decade several dormitories have appeared practically without greenery & the tendency has negative trend.
Overall situation in Tartu is better as it is less populated (~ 100 thousand inhabitants) & as it applies its own GM based on several local regulations. At the same time a significant & positive side effect is brought by external factor due to extensive network of private households with gardens that substantially increases GA coverage. But GM itself needs in modernization to be  more effective & compliant with city GA.
Rezekne with ~36 thousand inhabitants faces the similar challenges & needs integral GM as base for effective decision-making. Beyond this all 3 cities meet the same needs in creation of new and healing of existing urban GA & this unites the cities as well. Location and status of the cities as EE-LV-RU border ‘capitals’ & common challenges create reliable prerequisites to develop joint project.


Specific objectives:

1. Improved efficiency of urban green areas management in Tartu, Rezekne & Pskov;
2. Increased coverage of green areas in the cities by creation of green areas and preparation of tech docs for future green areas;
3. Improved networking & experience sharing between the specialists dealing with urban green management.


Main activities
1. International Steering Committe meetings.
2. Project web-site with essential information about project activities 
3. Following publications are elaborated:

• 4 issues of Information Bulletins
• wall calendar "Green Area of the Border "Capitals" in 4 languages - EN, RU, EE, LV 
• the manual "How to manage urban green areas" (working name)
• a university's study course on green management
4. Studys:
• study of Pskov & Rezekne needs in format green management system;
• study of urban green management practices in Europe, Baltic Countries & Russia
• comparative study of existing tree management software manual "How to manage urban green areas" produced;
• university study course on green management in 3 languages - EE, LV & RU - produced & applied in participating universities
5. Workshops:
• workshop "Environmental management in urban areas" in Tartu;
• workshop "Management principles for urban green areas & trees" in Tartu;
• workshop "Urban green landscape design" in Pskov ;
• workshop "Green GIS: Planning of Urban Environment" in Rezekne ;
6. Study visits to partner cities:
• partner visit to Tartu to get acquainted with urban green principles applied ;
• 2 study visits to Tampere, Finland. The study visits to Tampere are envisaged to get inspired, to establish cooperative links with Finnish partners & to study in detail the Finnish model of urban green management.
7. Small scale LV national GIS training for municipal servants 
8. Activities to develop green planning
• workshop to develop methodology for green areas inventory (universities and municipalities, Pskov);
• 2 inventories carried out - Pskov & Rezekne;
• 2 "green" databases prepared;
• 2 similar management systems developed in tight cooperation between Pskov and Tartu.
9. Creating new and restoration of the existing green areas :
• the Arboretum (DendroPark) in the center of Pskov restored;
• The Friendship Alley in the center of Tartu created ;
• eco-friendly Children's recreation Area in Raina Park in Rezekne City reconstructed  
• the Ancupani Forest Park Cover in Rezekne Local Municipality improved 
• Besides, the project envisages the creation of small green areas: the Rozarium of Partner Cities & the Natural Trail in the center of Tartu.
10.  4 sets of technical documents for future green areas produced:
• Tartu - "Reconstruction of the Mathiesen Park"  
• Pskov - "Restoration of the Botanic Garden" 
• Rezekne City - "Reconstruction of North Industrial Zone Park" 
• Rezekne Municipality - "Development of Greivuli Recreation Path"

Project press-releases on webpage:

1. Peipsi CTC signed a contract for new EE-LV-RU joint project "Greenman" - focusing on green management for urban development

2. Launch of the “GreenMan” ENPI cross-border cooperation project

3. Peipsi CTC began with two Estonia – Latvia – Russia cross border cooperation programme projects

4. Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation organized international seminar  "Environmant Management in Urban Areas" on 12.-13. September 2012 in Tartu

5. GreenMan project seminar "Urban Landscape design" took place in Pskov on 28.-30. November

6. Peipsi CTC organized together with Tampere City Government specialists study trip to Tampere on 12.-14. December

7. GreenMan project seminar "Urban Landscape design" took place in Pskov on 28.-30. November

8. Peipsi CTC, together with Tampere City Government specialists, organised a study trip to Tampere, on 12.-14. December.

9. International workshop "Green management system development and methods of urban green areas inventory", took place in Pskov, on 7-8 February

10. Peipsi CTC coordinator will participate in "Greenman" project Steering Committee and Staff Meeting in Rezekne on 18.-19. April

11. Peipsi CTC coordinator will participate in "Greenman" project Steering Committee and Staff Meeting in Rezekne on 18.-19. April

12. 2nd study trip to Tampere brought bright ideas to green management specialists

13. Seminar "Urban Forestry in Transition" in Tartu


NGO “Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov

Olga Vasilenko
tel/fax +7 8112 720688,
Address: Ya.Fabritsiusa 2a, office 18, Pskov, 180017, Russia

“Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 financially supports joint cross border development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by utilising its potential and beneficial location on the crossroads between the EU and Russian Federation.
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